I build iPhone apps that you design.

I prefer working with small business & individuals, so I can really share the excitement of building an app with you.

In the free preliminary consultation I'll listen to your ideas and offer suggestions and advice on taking it further.

If you hire me to build your app, we'll have a regular show-and-tell session so you can see how the build is progressing. A clear design helps, but nothing replaces the value of seeing a draft app on your phone. The regular meetings will help you steer the direction of the app, and double as consultations where I'll offer the benefit of my experience in avoiding pitfalls and getting the most from the app.

When your app is built, I can help submit your app to the App Store for approval. I don't believe in lock-in arrangements, so the IP rights are completely yours. I can even help with technical or patent documentation if you'd like.

My full résumé is on LinkedIn: View my profile on LinkedIn

I'm based in Melbourne, so why not suggest a time to meet? We can have that preliminary consultation over coffee and you can tell me about your app.