I write iPhone apps, and also other mobile & web apps.

Recently I've been working on privacy apps, a word game, a music app and a travel app for various clients.

What's your app idea? I'd like to hear all about it. I can give advice & just someone to bounce your idea off.

Get me excited about your idea. Maybe hire me to build the app: I moved from bigger corporate work back to startups & individuals so I could share the excitement of making something with people that isn't "just another project".

I believe that connecting with people – understanding what they're trying to do and why – is vital to collaborating on an app.

I'm Sarah, and my business is called SyncUp8, pronounced like "syncopate". Welcome! Make yourself at home. Bookmark this page: I've got a range of resources here such as articles for those interested in app-building, and a few different ways you can say hi & start a conversation with me.

I'm based in Melbourne Australia: if you're local we can meet in person.

My full resume is available on LinkedIn.

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Although I am currently booked out until May, I am happy to discuss projects with you in preparation for development later in the year.