Hi, I'm Sarah George. I turn people's ideas into apps.

I've been programming since I was a child, so I can make it look easy. I can also communicate what I do, keeping you in the loop about progress, difficulties, and as much of "how it works" as you'd like to know.

I like that the software I build is always FOR something; an app isn't just a piece of technology but a tool based on a specific need. I love hearing stories of your needs, and working on a personal enough level to see you really enjoy the results – I know I've made a difference.

As I specialise in writing apps for individuals & small businesses, I start with a free initial consultation so we can get a sense of each other, discuss your idea and what you might expect from building an app from it.

I value your intellectual property, handing over copyright and even patent rights when applicable and providing full documentation so should you need to switch or expand the number of developers, they can easily pick up where I left off.

I see the apps I build as a collaboration, not simply a commission. I offer my experience and feedback along the way, and provide in-progress versions of your app as early as I can. Building an app is a circular process, where the first time you try it for real you'll learn something about how it feels, and you'll most likely want some tweaks and changes having experienced the app. I value being flexible about changes to ensure you're happy the the final result.

I call my business SyncUp8.


I am currently booked out until Jan-Feb 2015, although I am happy to discuss projects with you in preparation for 2015 development.