I'm Sarah, and I write mobile and web apps for individuals and small businesses with an idea they'd like brought to life.

I bring my experience with larger organisations to people I can meet and share the excitement with. It's not just another project to you, and that personal engagement is exactly what's drawn me to freelance work.

I'm happy to discuss your ideas for free, and give feedback on what directions it might take, what aspects you might not have considered, and ways to take the idea forward.

I collaborate with you to build your app; giving you feedback and usable demos each step of the way to help you decide how to polish, complete and publish your idea. I'll even guide you through the process of Apple app store submission.

My business is called SyncUp8, pronounced like "syncopate".

Please explore the resources here and do get in touch.


Although I am currently booked out until April 9, I am happy to discuss projects with you in preparation for development later in the year.