Hi, I'm Sarah.

You're an individual or a small business with an idea. The idea is for an iPhone or iPad app, and it's great. You need it written.

You need someone to build it for you, but not a big software company that'll ignore the little guys. Also, not someone overseas that you'll never see face to face about it.

Someone who can work with you, who will understand your idea and become a kind of collaborator on the project, suggesting improvements and how to go about it.

That's where I can help. I'll hear you out, discuss your ideas with you and offer suggestions and advice.

Once you have a rough idea what's needed, I'll come up with a written plan for you, and set up a clear to-do list that we'll both have live access to, so you can see how I'm progressing and we can discuss each point as needed. We'll have regular in-person meetings to demo where the project is up to and discuss any changes in direction needed to keep it on track.

Get me excited about your idea, and we'll collaborate to make it come to life! I thrive on more personal projects with real people who feel real joy when the work is done.

To get started, contact me and make a time to discuss your idea. We'll go over subjects like:

  • What features you might need for feedback, monetization etc
  • App design ideas & Apple guidelines
  • How small can we make version 1 to get you published sooner?
  • What else might you need – for example, servers, graphic designers and publicity
  • Typical costs for an app of this scale

On this site you'll find a number of resources about building apps, and several options for contacting me including the contact box at the lower right of this page.